Monday, December 13, 2010

Differences between the story"Rifka" and the movie " Fiddler in the roof"

The story, and the movie both were interesting materials. After I finshed reading Rifka, I saw the movie Fiddle in the roof, and I could find some similarities and differeneces between them:
- Both of the families were jewish.
- Both of the families were goning to the USA.
- They did not have enough money.
-Both of the families have been through troubles with the army.
- Rifka has five brothers,plus her parent, while the movie there was the parent and five daughters.
-Rifka's father has three sons in the USA, but the father in the movie has a brother in the USA.

Frozen Smoke


Aerogel, aka frozen smoke: An oil spill quicker
By Jordan Lite |Feb
19, 2009 05:15 PM |

Industrial engineers have developed a new substance called Aerogel, often called
"frozen smoke". Scientists believe that this substance can have many beneficial
uses. Among these would be cleaning oil spills. It would also make an efficient
water filtration device. The reason for its usefulness is because of its sponge
like qualities. This is combined with its ability to attract organic materials,
like waste in water or oil. It is also very absorbent, being able to hold
fourteen time it weight in oil-water mixture. In addition, to its absorption
and cleaning properties, it is more efficient than current filters; the only
hold up is whether or not it can be manufacture in sufficient qualities without
being too costly.


I feel that this new substance, if used properly, can be very beneficial and help
solve some very threatening issues. Its many uses make it an attractive new
product that will make lives of others much easier. If it could be produced in
a costly manner, I believe it would be very helpful and take a lot of troubles
off of people hands. Obviously, it helped with absorbing the oil out of the
water. If that product had not existed, people would be struggling to clean the
gulf. In fact, they could solve the problem and create this new product by
assistance from industrial plans. This news and the way that the problem was
solved is what exactly the industrial engineers work on. Industrial engineers
always try to solve these kinds of problems, whatever and wherever they are.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Industrial Technology


Author Jack Kalis on 14th july,2010
"New Industrial Technology ".


         People have been struggling
for long time with controlling the manual manufacturing systems. Companies were
wasting time, paying more money, and hiring more workers. It was also
threatening the workers' lives when they were working on the arms fields. In
addition, it was threatening their lives even in scientific tests so companies
really needed to come up with automatic systems because that would faster and
safer. Then, scientists came up with such control system that doesn’t need
wires or many workers. Thus, that was a magnificent opportunity for companies
to not lose out this kind of system. At first it came out, it wasn’t helpful as
its now. That was as a result of the developments of the technology. Therefore,
with the passage of time the technology will keep developing so everything
including the manufacturing systems will be improving and we will be surprised
and happy by these developments and improvements.


        It has been always that whenever you need to solve a complicated problem you need to use the critical thinking and brainstorm so you can invent a great solution. I think these kinds of developments in technology will ease up on companies and workers in controlling their
manufactures. Also, they will save more time and money. Although, we need more
time to notice more progresses, we don’t deny how furthers the technology is
now. I appreciate scientists who helped to improve and change the manufacturing
systems from being manual, slow, and dangerous into being wireless, fast, and

Friday, December 3, 2010

Solar Energy

News RICHARD READ, The Oregonian Published: 01:34 p.m., Thursday, October 28, 2010.
        Frank Asbeck, CEO of SolarWorld, a German solar energy corporation, is beginning to expand onto the American business scene. He has invested over 500 million dollars in Portland, Oregon, and he predicts that America will pass Spain and Japan to become the world’s second-largest solar market, behind Germany. Asbeck got his degree in agricultural engineering and decided not to be a scientist when he learned that only one quarter of academic knowledge is used in the real world. In 1998, he started the solar engineering company known as Solar World, which now has about 3300 employees and factories around the world. His assets have been pegged at 694 million dollars.
I completely agree with this engineer. He has to expend as much as he can. Changing the world into a solar world will protect the life on the earth. Using a lot of oil for transportation, equipments, and factories will destroy the life by the time. In addition, it will be a proud for him and the workers by expending onto all over world. They will be one of the biggest companies in the world. Also, it's a proud for the company by trying to survive the world.

Industrial Engineering

          Industrial engineering is one of the most important required majors in any firm. It's basically controlling and protection of the product. Otherwise; it makes sure that the product meets all the standards which they already have been applied. In addition; the industrial engineer has to observe and solve any problems that might be encountered. So, in order to be an industrial engineer and become able to solve those problems you have to study a lot of scientific fields such as mathematics and statistics. Also it requires a background of management. Furthermore, industrial engineer has to be patient, critical thinker, good reader and listener in order to take the proper decision.
I agree with the author at all points. Specially; when he mentioned that "an industrial engineer is the jack of all traits in any kind of industry". Because, he is going to be responsible about every single thing of the production from the being crude until becomes consumable. So, all the workers have to follow his instruction in case these people work with him in the same group. Otherwise, he will carry on his shoulder all the mistakes that might happen.